A Congregation of Vapors: A Three Act Play,  Drama Award finalist, 2016: This dark comedy re-imagines Greek gods as contemporary scientists, working in an urban research lab where they fulfill their mythological roles in relation to developments in pharmacology, weapons research, zoological cloning, and artificial intelligence.
Good Looking in the Dark: A One Act Play,  Drama Award in a juried competition, 2015: This existential romance locks two strangers in a closet during a surprise party. The play takes place in the dark, as the strangers struggle to come to terms with each other and themselves. The judge, playwright Peter Ullian, said about it:
“I didn’t think the author could pull this off. A play that takes place entirely in pitch-black darkness? Not only does the author pull it off, but she pulls it off with panache and brio – and more importantly, with a big, generous heart. The dialogue is clever and sparkles, but also never fails to reveal character, layer by layer, and move the story forward. A kind of courtship story, Good Looking In the Dark also ventures in philosophical territory, but always manages to retain a sharp sense of humor.”