Musical Comics

Chris Ware has spoken about making comics the way one might make music. In 2008 I gave myself a challenge: to make a comic from a piece of music. It was October, and I chose Johnny Cash’s version of “Long Black Veil”. The illustrations are an homage to Edward Gorey’s work. I inserted the finished comic into the cover of a CD case, and enclosed a CD compilation of songs containing the word black in their title. I sent it to friends for Halloween and gave instructions: Listen to the first song while reading the comic. Everyone loved it, so in November I did a brown-themed comic. Songwriters are storytellers. The challenge is re-interpreting the stories. Comic Book Tattoo, an award-winning anthology of comics inspired by Tori Amos songs, is a perfect example of how artistic interpretation is infinite. To enjoy these musical comics, click on one: included are links to the songs that inspired each comic.