aimeeAimee Valentine is a writer, visual artist, and scholar. She has a PhD in English and Creative Writing and her dissertation, Good Looking in the Dark: A Narrative Across Three Mediums, was nominated for the National Dissertation Prize. Her work has been featured in Witness, No Tokens, Hot Metal Bridge, The Hilltop Review, and The Iowa Journal of Cultural Studies.               

Her scholarship tying T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land to Shakespeare’s Hamlet was translated into Greek and is forthcoming in Fall 2018 by Kichli Press, ed. Tolis Malakos. Her scholarship about female comics creators and the internet forms a chapter in With Great Comics Comes Great Pedagogy, ed. Susan Kirtley, forthcoming in 2019 by U. Mississippi Press. Aimee is also the founding editor of inkt|art, an online journal for graphic narratives. She is currently pursing an MFA in Studio Art.

email3 aimeejvalentineATgmailDOTcom